Mahathir Seems Angered Over A Pre-Nup Gone Wrong!

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The last time I checked, Tun Dr Mahathir holds no political or civil servant position.  He is only a retired government ‘servant’ like many of the other retirees here in Malaysia.

However, unlike other retirees who have started a second career, hobbies, or spiritual pursuits; Tun ‘M’ has become obsessed with all things concerning Prime Minister Najib Razak.  His desire to investigate the Prime Minister’s life inclusive of his personal bank account is borderline creepy!

It is as if he (Tun) had a pre-nuptial agreement in place and after the divorce, learned that there was an inflow of money that he missed out on!

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Unhappy with the situation; Tun ‘M’ started conjecturing as to the source of this money, hoping to cause an avalanche of negative public opinion to fall on the one (Prime Minister) that is the target of his unhappiness.

His assertions that the money was pilfered from 1MDB no doubt exhilarated him to no end, as he was certain that the end of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s tenure as Prime Minister was at hand.

However, this exhilaration was short lived!  Indisputable evidence shows that the money was not siphoned from 1MDB accounts.  Tun ‘M’, like the rest of us learned that the money transferred to the Prime Minister’s account was a gift from a private donor.

Although Tun ‘M’ knows that questions over the funds have been answered and have absolutely nothing to do with him as a retired private citizen, he is still not satisfied!

Like a spurned lover whose fire cannot be extinguished; Tun ‘M’ now wants to know the source of the sender’s wealth, his bank and how the transfer of the money was carried out.

Why stop there!  Why not also ask:

What the sender had for breakfast the day he sent the money?

Does he prefer coffee or tea?

What is his favorite color?

Did bad Feng Shui bring a lapse in judgment; causing him to make a financial faux pas that only a father would believe?  It wouldn’t be the first time!

The truth of the matter is that Tun ‘M’ will never be satisfied; even when presented with undeniable proof.

What appears to be paramount for him is to continuously shift the goal posts around to make it appear that there were improprieties which have taken place.

In order to keep the farce going; Tun ‘M’ has now taken up the role of the scorned lover who cannot stomach seeing the one whom he feels scorned him successful!

There is an idiom that reads; Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!

A new idiom should read; Hell has no fury like Tun Mahathir scorned; especially over an imagined pre-nuptial agreement gone wrong!

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