When It Comes To GE14; Tun ‘M’ Is Delusional!

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Notice, I did not write he is becoming delusional.

Becoming signifies that something is on the path to its destination; in this case delusion.

Tun Dr Mahathir has already ridden the delusional train and has arrived at his destination; the ‘State’ of delusion!

Perhaps it is fitting for him to have his own fiefdom where he can reign supreme.  There, he can change laws, secure his legacy, appoint and sack his subjects to his heart’s content!

As this is the ‘State’ of delusion, he can write a law to ensure his successors all have the Mahathir name.  Sorry, any other candidates need not apply!

Mean while back in the realm of reality; barring any ‘real’ scandals; GE14 looks to go in the direction of the present Malaysia government.  Yes, and that includes the election being held in a proper manner!

It is funny, how Tun M brings this up as he probably foresees events not going in the way he and the other conspirators way.

Therefore, what he is doing now is planting seeds of doubt by asserting that, if BN wins (GE14) then it will be the result of irregularities on their part.

Now, if Tun M is so good at predicting future political events, why didn’t he foresee his son being removed from his post as the Kedah Menteri Basar!

No doubt, that if he cannot see such close personal events, then we should put little stock in his pontificating of future events.

Probably, in his (Tun’s) travelling in and out of the ‘State of delusion’, he thought that he still wields power supreme to influence results in the real world!

No Tun, only in the delusional one!

In the real world, there is still a democratic process.  It is the people and not you (Tun M) nor the other conspirators (opposition) whose votes will decide the results of the next general election.

In spite of all the fabrications the opposition and Tun ‘M’ have brought forth to bring down the Prime Minister; nothing hurled at him sticks.  That is why the new strategy is to say that, if BN wins the next election then they did so due to cheating.

Don’t you just miss the days of Tun ‘M’ talking about RM 42 billion disappearing into thin air and then RM 2.6 billion of 1MDB money found its way into the Prime Minister’s bank account.  We should not fault him; perhaps this all took place in his ‘State of delusion’ where he is PM!

And since Tun ‘M’ has his own delusional fiefdom to rule, he should not weary himself conjecturing about an election (GE14) two years away!

In fact, the best use of his time should be in get his son elected in the ‘State’ of delusion because as of today; that is his only place where his son will ever have a chance of ruling a nation!


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