Democracy Is Stolen When Good People Do Nothing!

It is said that evil prevails when good people do nothing!

Perhaps the same thing could be said when people do not cherish and protect their democracy!

When people idly standby and allow people who have personal agendas to steal all the democratic principles that others have sacrificed so much to gain, then that is another kind of evil! The evil of ambivalence; not deserving a democracy!

For over a year now, the opposition (DAP, PKR, Tun Mahathir and the rest) has been vigorously working to destroy the democracy that came with Malaysia becoming a sovereign nation.

Unlike what had taken place during the Arab spring, where bullets brought down governments in and around the Middle East; the conspirators in Malaysia are using propaganda, fabrication and outright lies in their attempt to cause the collapse of the present government.

The question which is always asked is; why not wait until GE14 and allow the people to decide?

There is little doubt that those opposed to Prime Minister Najib Razak have already read their tea leaves and ascertained that the democracy that they say they are the champions of will reject them during the next (GE 14) general election.

But that is what a democracy stands for; giving the people the right to choose the individuals and party that they want to represent them and lead the nation.

When a collective (opposition) group of people manipulate that process then the nation is headed toward a dictatorship or some other form of governance that no longer resembles a democracy.

However, as far as I know; Malaysians have not relinquished their power to choose.  And they will certainly reject those whom they feel are denying them their democratic rights!

There will come a point (hopefully sooner than later) when the people say to the opposition enough of the manipulating and lies; we are not your puppets that will move on your command!

Still, if good people do not stand up and speak out against those who would steal their democracy, then one day there may not be a democracy to stand up and speak out for!

As it is said; evil prevails when good people do nothing!  The same thing can be said about the evil of losing democracy; good people did nothing!


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