The Frenzied Rush To Convict Prime Minister Najib Razak!

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So now it is becoming clearer to the rakyat why there was such a frenzied rush to condemn and convict Prime Minister Najib Razak in the court of public opinion!

Those (DAP, PKR ANC etc) conspirators who wanted to oust him knew the truth would exonerate the Prime Minister of any wrong doings.

How did the conspirators know?  Because they were the ones who started the fire of lies, reported the fire and then said that they have the solution to put out the fire!

To understand this; you must understand some aspects of the character trait of an arsonist. One such character trait is to always be around the scene of the fire which they themselves have started.

Now, take a look at those who were always in the media lambasting the Prime Minister.

They spoke as if they had direct knowledge of wrongs the Prime Minister allegedly committed.  They were speaking with such authority because they are the ones who gave birth to the volume of lies they were telling.

In giving birth to the lies, they realized that time was always against them.  At some point a DNA test (investigation) would prove that Prime Minister Najib Razak was not connected to the false allegations.

The foreign media is also begrudgingly starting face the reality that they have been knowingly or unknowingly supporting a lie.

No matter if they knowingly or unknowingly supported the farce; it only proves that real investigative journalism today is in the state of decline.

Now the conspirators and their supporters are witnessing the systematic extinguishing of the fires (lies) they have started!  Their last and perhaps only recourse now is to embarrassingly look in trash bins for any tidbits of information that they believe will keep the fires smoldering.

It would not be a surprise, if at this point the conspirators are diving into trash bins looking looking to see if the PM has over tipped for a pizza delivery or how much he paid for a new pair of shoes! Even the purchase of toilet paper is probably examined all in the conspirator’s effort to fabricate more crap!

However, the problem with handling crap is, even though you try to smear someone eles with it, you still have some on your hands!

The opposition and their ilk’s hands are stinking from what they attempted and to some degree are still attempting smear on Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Their rush to convict and execute the Prime Minister in the court of public opinion will like Karma, return on them!

And you know what they say; Karma is a bitxh!  If you don’t believe it; just ask Lim Kit Siang and son!  And rest assured; there is more to come!


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