Mahathir; Two Wrongs Still Don’t Make A Right!

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Children are taught in math that a negative number multiplied by another negative number will produce a positive result!

Anyone who has been following Tun Dr Mahathir over the last year knows that he has sounded the false alarm of wrong doings supposedly committed by the highest echelons of power here in Malaysia.

His initial claim was that through some manner of magic RM 42 million has disappeared into thin air.

The claim was emphatically wrong! However, instead of Tun admitting his blunder, he then claimed that RM 2.6 from 1MDB ended up in Prime Minister’s personal bank account.

Is Tun serious! Stealing that amount of money and then deposited in a bank account under your own name is like stealing a Jumbo jet and parking it in your own front yard!

A person would have to be the worse thief in the world to not be more creative in hiding ill gotten gain or be on crack!

In any event, Tun’s ludicrous accusation was wrong again!

From the very moment Tun Dr Mahathir started his campaign to oust the Prime Minister for personal reasons, he has been wrong virtually every step of the way!

The personal reason that Tun holds against the Prime Minister is he did not help his (Tun’s) son Mukhriz ascend the political ladder that would lead to the office of Prime Minister by year 2020!

It is strongly suggested that if Mukhriz were not in the equation, Tun M would not have wasted more than a year of his life trying to cast the Prime Minister in a negative light!

But the Mukhriz factor is a thorn in his (Tun’s) ego which causes Tun to not think straight.

For Tun, the only thing left to accomplish is to find a way to install his son as the sovereign ruler of Malaysia; any position less than that he will view as his failure as a father!

To accomplish this Tun M turned to math to find the right formula which could help him re-place one Prime Minister with (his son) another.

So Tun swallowed his pride along with common sense and joined the not so equal partnership (DAP, ANC and PKR) of misfits that make up the opposition.

There is no doubt that Tun believes that all the negative press he and other opposition members fabricated would tarnish the image of the PM in the minds of the public and make it nearly impossible for him to remain in office.

However, the strategy that was used to seek the removal of the Prime Minister from office backfired on those who hatched the strategy!

What the conspirators failed to understand is that a negative multiplied by more negatives generates a positive outcome and conversely caused Tun Dr Mahathir and those who created and perpetuated the lies to look extremely foolish!

This gives credence to the phrase; Two wrongs don’t make a right!



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