When The Blind Lead The Blind!

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There is little doubt that when the various conspirators formulated their plan to remove Prime Minister Najib Razak, they did so believing that it would be as easy as 1,2,3!

1 (Fabricate a lie)

2 (Repeat the lie often enough to where the people start believing it)

3 (Put the psychological pressure of jail on the PM, if he did not resign from office).

In 2015, PKR, DAP, Tun M and the rest of their ilk, were so confident of their plan succeeding that they acted as if it were just a matter of weeks or days before Prime Minister Najib Razak would step down from office.

There was even a story planted of how the Prime Minister was trying to negotiate a deal for safe passage abroad to avoid prosecution.

However during all of this, the conspirators failed to see that this Prime Minister did not waste time responding to the malicious lies his political enemies were spreading almost daily about him. Instead, he kept leading Malaysia without missing a beat!

It is said that ambition, especially blind ambition causes people to miss the signs that are often right in front of them.  In fact, they start believing the lies they have fabricated are actually true.

Had they not been so thoroughly blinded by their personal agendas, they would have seen that not once did the Prime Minister show the slightest sign of panic.  He showed and shows the steadiness and leadership of a skilled surgeon.

His skill was in letting the blind run around thinking that they could actually see their success.  But just as that cancerous body of conspirators were beginning to further inflate their arrogance; the PM began to surgically remove the malignant cancerous tissue around him.

Next we will see the remaining malignant individuals shrink away after the release of the final 1MDB report!

Mentioning signs; here is another sign the blind conspirators missed; the people.

The vast majority of the people never bought into the lies which were desperately hurled at the Prime Minister.  The questions always seemed to be:

Why not let the people’s vote decide?

Why doesn’t the (opposition) want to wait for the release of 1MDB report?

What is the rush?

The simple answer to the above is; the coalition of conspirators built their case around lies.  Then they started to believe those lies were the road map to their success!

As the conspirators (opposition, ANC, Tun etc) foundation of lies erode; there will no doubt be finger pointing to determine which of the blind members of the coalition led the other blind members astray!

There will be a lot of finger pointing with no one admitting blame because they’re blind!




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