Rent A Tun!

Tun wink

Some celebrities whose careers have started to decline, make extra income while staying in the public eye by making cameo appearance at parties, functions, bit TV roles etc.

I guess the same activity applies to former Prime Ministers.  Wait, who are we kidding; one former Prime Minister by the name of Tun Dr Mahathir in particular.

One could say that Tun M after leaving the big stage is starving for attention.  It would so much simpler, if that were the case.  We could satisfy his inner child by giving him a weekly hour slot where he could rant and rave to his heart’s content.

However, while there is the desire on his part to be in the lime light, that is not his big motivation.  It is just a means to the end.

Tun M big motivation is and always has been securing his dynasty.  After all, if Lee Kwan Yew could do it then come hell or high water, Tun has to do it too!

Even if Lee Kwan Yew’s son (Lee Hsien Loong) never became Singapore’s PM; Tun M still would want his son Mukhriz to continue the dynasty.

Of course, with Lee’s son becoming Prime Minister of Singapore that just added even more fuel to the fire for Tun M to secure his son a place in Malaysia’s history.

However, Tun Mahathir is no longer in a position of power to manipulate the chess pieces to get his son crowned PM.  In fact, since stepping down as Prime Minister his power has decreased at a spiralling rate.

Now that he is no longer the mover and shaker; he has moved over to the opposition’s side to shake his tail in the hope of getting help!

He goes from making a cameo at a yellow shirt rally to joining other desperados to make declarations followed by more rah rah rallies!

The cover story that Tun and the rest of the gang are using is ‘Save Malaysia’!

Let’s look at what the big three (3) really want to save.

Datuk Wan Azizah: She wants to save her husband.  You get the feeling that nothing else is important to her.


Lim Kit Siang:  At one point LKS wanted to save a potential Co-Deputy Prime Minister position for his son the present Menteri Basar of Penang.

Now, he just wants to save his son.

Tun Dr Mahathir: Rent a Tun wants to save Proton and have his son as Prime Minister which saves his pride.  Lee Kwan Yew would get a laugh out of this if he were still with us!  If Tun were given the choice; save Proton or save his dynasty/legacy then I guess there would be a lot of Malaysians out of jobs.  So much for save Malaysia!


So Tun M will rent himself out to any group that he feels could help him achieve his goal!

I will not be surprising if those he is now sharing a bed with, kick him out after the next (G14) election.

Tun Mahathir probably knows this as well, but since he can no longer operate as a lone wolf; he has to join ever make shift groups news conference, rally protest etc that he is summoned to attend.

At this stage of the game he cannot refuse as he wants to see his dream become reality.

He has become a desperate father, selling himself to all those who can pay the price!

So call Rent a Tun, if you want Tun M to make a cameo at your next rally or conference.  He promises to help get rid of GST, if you GME (Get Mukhriz Elected)


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