Muhyiddin; The Invisible Man!

image (9)

It has to be a little awkward for the former Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin being the invisible man!

Lim Kit Siang, his son the non valuer, Tun M and The Easter bunny are all getting more press coverage than he has since his being relieve of his Deputy Prime Ministerial duties.

Even when Muhyiddin is the extra prop during press conferences, it is easy to forget that he is part of the group of his presence is not apparent!

Only Mukhriz Mahathir is his equal when it comes to the role of the invisible man!

The former DPM looks like an out of place piece of furniture seated between the opposition and Tun Mahathir. It seems that the only reason to have him as part of the landscape is more due to his former title than to any contribution he can now make.

He is like the cow that has given all of its milk and has no more use.  The cow looks at the farmer and thinks the farmer’ smiles out of gratitude because of its proving milk.  But the farmer is smiling because he knows that it is time to slaughter the cow as it is no longer useful!

Maybe, Muhyiddin is hoping to get a valued consolation prize for turning on his (Prime Minister) leader;  like Judas did for 30 pieces of silver.


He (Muhyiddin) may get something worthwhile, but what he will not be getting is the trust of his new friends in the opposition or from those in the party he is presently still in.

No party would be foolish enough to trust him after this chapter of his life.

Whichever camp he ends up in knows Muhyiddin will say one thing while secretly plotting another.

He will be looked at like the person who leaves their spouse for a lover only to have the new lover not fully give their trust because they know, if you have betrayed before you can do it again!

Today, Muhyiddin like the cow’s usefulness has all but waned.  He has nothing more to contribute and does not have the stature (albeit fleeting) of a Tun M to draw crowds outside of his limited circle.

Even Tun Mahathir can no longer draw crowds like he once had and is now forced to team up with the other expendables with the hope of creating some excitement.

So what does the future hold for the man who played Russian Roulette, when all the ‘Save This’ and ‘Rally That” is over and BN is still in Putrajaya?   read.

That silence is Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s career hitting the floor!


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