‘Save Malaysia Day’; Just Another Y2K!

Roughly 16 years ago, on December 31, 1999 the world braced itself for the mother of all computer viruses.  It was called the Y2K millennium bug. Y2K is short for Year 2000!

The world expected drastic events to take place with computers which would disrupt the lives of people the world over.

However, the day came and went with not much to show in way of cataclysmic events taking place.  People went about their lives as they had during the days before.

Of course those who put the initial scare into people made money from selling solutions to impending threat!

You see the pattern:

  1. Create a scare (Malaysia is in serious trouble),
  2. Offer a solution (We want to’Save Malaysia’)
  3. Make money (I appoint you PM, you Minister, you get this and we get that) and the people get the shaft!

You will want to take a moment and think about that!

Like Y2K, the same can be said about the rally to ‘Save Malaysia’.

The majority of the people here did not give it a flicker of thought!  It appeared that people preferred to spend the time with family, shopping, having refreshments with friends and keeping cool, rather than following a circus event!

No doubt the organizers and their followers found the experience exhilarating, but then again, their fans would have the same climatic experience listening to those same guest speakers discuss cloud seeding or where to eat the tastiest nasi ayam!

The organizers probably knew that the event would not create the spark they were looking for, but having committed to the event and the date, they could not cancel for fear of looking amateurish.  Well, we see how well that worked out!

Of course what the opposition along with their new BFF (Best Friend Forever) Tun M will try to do is spin the lack of public enthusiasm to make it appear that something significant has taken place.

They may try to re-brand the day as a planning session, a strategic gathering, a new day, yada yada yada!

Or they could call it for what it really is/was ‘another step in the march toward obscurity’

As events go; it may be difficult for the opposition and BFF Tun M to top today’s event in terms of the’ who cares factor’, but I am sure they will try.

In their desperate minds they believe that they still have until 2018 to keep their circus road show going; even if they are the only ones under the big tent watching their act(s).

The reality is, Malaysians are growing leery of all the doom and gloom the opposition and Tun M spit out about Malaysia’s present and future.  As a result, the rakyat may look at the next ‘Save Malaysia’ day as just another Y2K!



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