When Being Lucky Is Better Than Being A Valuer!

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How lucky can one be to acquire a valuable piece of property substantially below market value and no other person or group knowing about it or could afford the vastly reduced price.

Every wheeler dealer property developer; valuer, property speculator, agent, weekend crash course real-estate neophyte mom and pop investor must have had collective mental stagnation, amnesia or had collectively gone abroad during the period when the property was available.

Being this lucky is like having the winning lottery ticket drop out of the sky, float through your window and land on your lap while contemplating the next move to dethrone the legally elected Prime Minister!

The seller of the property must have tried desperately to openly sell it at the ‘Same (RM2.8 million) Price’ and had absolutely no one interested.  Secret attempts to sell for RM 70 million

Who would want such an insignificant piece of property that probably had a lower resell value than the purchase price!

Perhaps all the Feng-Shui masters in Penang agreed that the property would bring misfortune (if you believe that kind of thing) to the purchaser.

The present owner may have missed this as he is neither a valuer nor (as far as I know)  a Feng-Shui sifu!

And as far as the bad Feng-Shui is concerned from purchasing the greatly reduced property that no others could afford; 2016 is getting better with each passing day for the present owner!

Here is my unsolicited advice to all the wheeler dealer property developers; valuers, property speculators, agents, weekend crash course real-estate neophytes mom and pop investors.

Throw away your licenses, diplomas, certifications and Feng-Shui books!

Just sit at home and wait for the winning property lottery ticket to fall out of the sky float through your window and onto your lap.  From following the recent news; ‘unbelievable’ things like that have been known to happen!

And if anyone ask how can such a thing happen in your State, with its laws and rules on codes of  ethics, you can just respond by saying; I am not a Menteri Besar!


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