The opposition’s raison d’être; to oppose not lead!

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Have you ever wondered what the opposition would do, if it no longer had anything to oppose?

Would they conjure up an enemy much like the U.S does when it needs a cause to rally around?

The opposition finds that it is easy to criticize because they do not have any real solutions.  See my post  Speak Up Opposition; Tell Malaysians Your Economic Strategy.

If the opposition has solutions to what they fantasize as Malaysia’s problems, then why aren’t they sharing them with the people?

It is much like someone who says that have a cure for a disease, but refuse to share it until they assure their financial benefit or take the credit for the discovery.

However, that only proves that they have no real love for the people who they claim they speak represent.

Their love is for their own cause and the people (citizens) are just a convenient means to their ends.

Look at it this way; any parent who has medicine that could save their loved one’s life would not wait until that love one was at death’s door or dead before they offered the medicine to the sick or resuscitation to the dead!

That type of action is cruel and does not show love; it shows a what’s best for me attitude!

We live in a democracy (remember) so oppose to your heart’s content, but don’t feign love for the people and demonstrate it by not sharing solutions.

No, trying to overthrow a democratically elected leader is not a solution; it is a cheap tactic!

The patient lying in a surgical operation theater waiting for a heart rest happily knowing that the surgical team performing the operation has experience.  They don’t would want a (opposition) team with limited experience taking care of such a major operation.

Still the opposition tries to give the impression that they as competent Malaysians are up to the surgical tasks of operating on the nation.  Yet at the same time; as good Malaysians they choose to wait until they are in power to do it; until then, they want the patient to wait!

If the opposition wants the people to wait then that indicates that the situation is not critical.  If the situation is not critical that that means the government is doing a good job.

Therefore the oppositions entire raison d’être is to oppose not lead!

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