Malaysia’s S.O.S Alert!

Tantrum then……………………………. and Now!


How many of you have ever seen a child have a meltdown in public?  On more than one occasion I have witnessed this type of behavior.  Not a pretty sight as it causes embarrassment to the parents to no end and discomfort to those who witness the child’s fits!

These children throw temper tantrums whenever they cannot have a sweet or anything else that they desire.

They scream, pretend to cry, storm out of the room and some even threaten to run away from home.  In short, they try to create as much havoc as they can to get what they want.

Now that you have the picture firmly placed in your minds; I want you to think about what Tun Mahathir has been up to.

Just like the spoiled child who wants things his way; Tun has cried, quit and threatens.  In other words, he has done whatever he could to raise havoc because things have not gone the way he planned.

With children, at some point we expect them to grow out of this type of behavior and learn that they can’t have everything their way.  And most do, but there are some who get stuck in the entitlement cycle and continue to demonstrate adolescent behavior even in the golden years of their lives.

They want things like ‘Their Crooked Bridge’ and ‘Their Son (Mukhriz) positioned to be number two in UMNO and eventually PM’.

The code used when those who used to be in authority display this type of behavior is’ S.O.S’ (Spoiled Ogre Syndrome)

Orgre defined here means an adult who previously in the position of authority who behaves childishly.

The SOS has been sounding loudly since the Orgre (Tun M) forced former PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah as he is affectionately called) from office.

Believing that the ousting of the the former Prime Minister satiated Ogre, the authorities lifted the SOS. However, the Ogre was not satisfied.  His egotistical appetite would not be satisfied until his pet project (crooked bridge) was winding its way toward Singapore and his seed was firmly planted and rooted to reign over the kingdom he once ruled.

To assure that at least these two events take place, the Orgre reverted to the inner child and tries to create havoc for those who do not give in to what he wants!

But people today are wise.  Instead of giving in to the Orgre by giving him sweets (his demands); the citizens should instead give him the bitter pill he deserves.

That bitter pill is to just ignore the rants, the raves and his making threats!

Let’s call it what it is; a S.O.S (Spoiled Orgre Syndrome)


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