When There Is Nothing New, Sue!

Tun wink

Tun Dr Mahathir’s desperation knows no end.  His first headline grabber was to claim that RM 42 billion under the Prime Minister’s watch has disappeared into thin air.   Then he claimed that RM 2.6 billion came from 1MDB again link the Prime Minister to the supposed loss.

Strange how he is making more noise about the RM 2.6 billion and no longer claims aliens have abducted the RM 42 billion!

Realizing that the investigation into these matters would probably prove the Prime Minister innocent, Tun’s next act of desperation was to quit (again) Umno fantasizing that a wave of people would follow.  However, after the duck (Mahathir) quacked and waddled out, he looked back to see only his past and that is fading fast!

What Tun M did next was not in character for someone who is used to being the solo act on centre stage; he teamed up with the very people (opposition) who he lambasted for years!

But Tun sees these as desperate times and desperation makes for strange and quirky bed fellows!

Before Tun’s arrival, The Opposition all but conceded that fact that it would be very difficult to unseat the Prime Minister.  Now, with Tun Dr Mahathir as their poster boy cum mascot, they are giving it another try.

So Tun M along with his new friends quickly put together the circus called the Citizen’s Declaration, but scarcely made a ripple in the news .

Their upcoming performances((27 & 28 March) are ‘To Con the People’ followed by ‘Save Malaysia Rally; hopefully from Tun and The Opposition’s big con!

However, Tun with all of his years of experience in using the press, knows that those events are only good news items for one or two days at best.  He had to stage something that would keep him in the media spotlight for a longer period and was less physically taxing.

So when all else fails try something new and what Tun decided to do is to sue!

He and those who are advising him know that their is no chance of winning, but what they are hoping is to have the Prime Minister so immersed with a defense that he would give in to the pressure and step down.

But what Tun somehow hasn’t fully realized is that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has the same or even more internal fortitude as he (Tun).

Therefore, Tun M should take a moment, look in the mirror and ask; would I buckle under pressure?

News Flash! Neither will the Prime Minister!



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