Tun ‘M’, No Longer The Big Bad Wolf!


The story goes that the big bad wolf using the slightest of effort, would huff and puff and blow down the weak, his enemies and laws in his way.

During those days people feared the big bad wolf as none wanted to be on the receiving end of his rage.  Those who found themselves even at the fringes of his shadow would tread lightly for fear that they would be the recipients of his huffing and puffing!

But the time is different now and like in the story where the big bad wolf huffed and puffed to no avail to blow down the house of bricks; today, the once big bad wolf cannot blow down the fortified structure which is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak!

The once big bad wolf is trying with all his might and cunningness to cause the Prime Minister to shake, bend and collapse.  But for all of his huffing and puffing not even a hair on the PM’S head has moved out of place!

Not to be deterred; Tun (the once big bad wolf) sought to align himself with others who also want to bring down the structure of the Prime Minister.

Internally, these alliances cause the once big bad wolf anguish as he remembers a time when he needed no help to create billionaires or tear down the judiciary or even those who believed they held the reins of power!

Seeing his power and relevance fading ; the once big bad wolf has reached the point of trying to organize a contest to test his popularity.  This is the very same big bad wolf who some years ago would scour at such a notion popularity by declaring; ‘even if I win by one (1) vote, I would still be Prime Minister’.

It is obvious that the once big bad wolf has fallen quite far since those days!

Sadly now he is just a side show act that some people out of curiosity turn up to see.  They come hoping to recapture a time in the past when the once big bad wolf reigned supreme, but leave event(s) realizing that the big bad wolf is only a big bag of hot air!

Perhaps it would have been better for the once big bad wolf to not have come out of retirement.  In that way, the legend of his might would have grown with each new generation instead of blowing itself out!

I guess that is what happens when Tun (the once big bad wolf) tries to blow down the solid the structure of Malaysia’s democratically elected leadership!


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