Why Tun Mahathir Really Wants To Go To Jail!

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Tun would like nothing better than to be thrown in jail. In fact the worse thing for him right now is to not be in jail.  While out of jail he has to keep coming up with gimmicks to keep the public’s interest. In Tun Mahathir’s strategic mind, being in jail would:


  1. Gain sympathy for him


  1. Link him with Anwar Ibrahim


  1. Be beneficial to Mukhriz


Number 1. Gain Sympathy: Presently, people are starting to view this once world class statesman as someone who should be pitied.  His desperate attempts to remove another Prime Minister, demonstrates to the people to what extent Tun Dr Mahathir will go to have Malaysia made in his image.

Tun Mahathir’s recent demand for a popularity referendum also shows a deep seated need to be relevant.  Tun saying that if he loses the popularity contest, he promises to stop speaking about 1MDB only shows that this issue is not really important to him; because if it were, it would not be used as cheap bargaining chip.  Such an easy willingness to lay it the side shows that he has another agenda in wanting to remove the Prime Minister.

Number 2. Link him with Anwar.  Tun realizes that both he and Anwar Ibrahim are fading relicts of the past.  Individually, the can only generate sparse support made up of PKR and Malay voters who are still under the illusion/delusion of years passed by.  Lim Kit Siang and the DAP support out of necessity.

Tun Mahathir knows that if he is put in jail, it would trigger an emotional reaction that may cause the people to demand both his and Anwar’s release.  Some of the same foreign governments and press which vilified Tun Mahathir would also cry buckets of tears demanding his release.  Not that they do not want to see Tun Mahathir behind bars, but they would want to use Tun’s release as a pretext for Anwar’s release as well.  Once out he can strike a deal (if he had not already) with Anwar concerning Mukhriz’s future; his real agenda!

Number 3. Be Beneficial to Mukhriz.  Tun hopes that any jail time he serves would translate to an outpouring of support for his son in 2020 or thereafter.   Tun wants the people to feel that since they cannot have him, they can have his son.

This is called transference which I am certain that Tun Dr Mahathir would have learned about during psychology class in medical school.

So the government should do us all a favor and keep him out of jail.  His tag team partnerships with PKR and the DAP are more entertaining than watching WWF!

As the ‘The Rock’ (Dwayne Johnson) would say; can you smell what the Doc. is cooking up next!



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