The Prime Minister’s Class In Not Responding To The Opposition’s Trash!

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Have you noticed how through all the Oppositions slanders, lies and deceit, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak never lost his air of confidence and leadership?

The opposition inclusive of Tun Dr Mahathir wanted and still wants him to respond to each and every allegation they throw at him.

If he had done so, he would not be a leader.  Leaders do not feel the need to respond to each criticism which comes their way; especially when those things being critiqued are lies.

A leader like Prime Minister Najib Razak, allows those creating the lies to look like fools in the eyes of the public while he continues the everyday business of leading the country.

A leader like the PM is like a mountain, and a mountain does not shake because there are a few ants running back and forth.

In fact, the mountain remains majestic through the entire process.  It is only the ants (opposition) that you see running around looking for a way to bring the mountain (PM) down.

Some may see the ant’s (opposition) activity as progress while thinking the mountain’s (PM) lack of response to the ants activity as a failure of leadership.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Prime Minister knows that the ant’s (opposition) activity of lies, deceit and trickery will be apparent to all as the truth (IMDB) is made known.

The ants (opposition) know this as well; this is why they create declarations, hold rallies and any other empty events their desperate minds can come up with.  They want the public to believe that all of this activity is based on truth.

But remember; magicians always have you focus on the busy hand while the other one is preparing to manipulate you or pick your pocket!

These manipulators reach into the rubbish bin of their souls in their effort to bring down the Prime Minister.

However, undeterred the PM never stoops down to the opposition’s level. Instead, he shows class in not responding to the opposition’s trash!

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