People’s Congress or Congress To Con The People!


One if the psychological methods used to gain compliance is to overload those you want to influence by repeating the same message in a variety of ways.

Those bombarded with the information, if not aware of this tactic may start to believe the information or become more favorable towards those who are telling big the lie.

Words like; Weapons of Mass Destruction, Islam, Terrorist

The next tactic is to connect someone to their big lie!

Saddam Hussein, Col. Gaddafi

The West conned the people in order to have a reason to remove those two (2) leaders from office.

The Opposition is using the same method as the West!


First they started with the words;

Missing Money, Stolen, Vanished!

Next, they connected the Prime Minister to their lie.

These political illusionists have press conference after press conference to declare, rally and basically to con the citizens into believing that they are honest while they secretly plot to dishonestly try to remove the democratically elected leader.

These con men and women are like the email con artists who say they are officials who work for some government.  They also claim that they are honest and you should trust them.

Yet in the same email they write that they want to transfer millions of dollars they have illegally taken from their government.

But don’t forget, those email con men portray themselves as honest!

Sound familiar.

These con men (Opposition) say they want a democratic government, but act un-democratically and unethically to remove the democratically elected leader.

There is no difference in the opposition’s politically conning people and those who send the emails offering you millions.

Con men only know one thing: that is how to con.

So as the opposition’s desperation increases so do their efforts to continue the con!

When they see the people becoming alert, they quickly organize more press conferences with declarations and planed rallies all organized to keep the people blinded to their tricks.

Since their icon is in prison, they have tried to build up Muhyiddin Yassin or Mukhriz Mahathir as an Icon.

But let’s be honest; they both have the personality of ‘Nasi putih’.  Bland!

So the opposition invites Tun Mahathir the Mike Tyson during his political youth as their icon, but what they got is Mike Tyson at the end of his career just biting the ears of anyone who will listen.

Unfortunately, Tun Dr Mahathir is becoming a sad shadow of his former self; a character who is in search of relevance, love and a legacy.

A man who once commanded the United Nations podium is now the closing circus act for The Save Malaysia Rally and The Opposition’s ‘People’s Congress’ or its other name;

The Congress To Con The People! 


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