The Save Malaysia Rally Is Just Window Dressing!



Pakatan Harapan should just come out the closet and admit that there is only one real demand for the March 28 rally; that is the release of Anwar Ibrahim.  The other two (2) demands made; public institutional reforms and the resignation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak (is just window dressing)are just covering for the real demand.

Window dressing is defined: Something used to create a deceptively favorable or attractive impression.

Pakatan Harapan wants the Malaysian public to believe that they are holding this rally for them.  And it still confusing how Datuk Wan Azizah says she would be willing to work with Prime Minister Najib Razak and at the same time try to get him to resign.

Wouldn’t it be more logical to sit with the Prime Minister and say what can we (PKR, DAP, ANC and the rest of the alphabet soup) do to help.

If you say you love Malaysia and have no personal agendas, then why not work together with the Prime Minister to work through any issues; real or misconceived.

Of course, that is if you really see Malaysia needing saving.

Seeking to convene a bipartisan meeting with the Prime Minister and not with those who want to topple him would show the people how differences can be respected.  You can agree to disagree while at the same to work together with the Prime Minister to make Malaysia even better!

Then in 2018, let the people decide democratically through their vote, if democracy is what you really want.  But it is becoming more apparent to the citizens of Malaysia that democracy is not what you want.

The reality is, PKR and those in bed with them are using a Save Malaysia Rally to deceive Malaysians.

Their deception is to tell the people they want are having the rally because they want public institutional reforms and the ouster of the Prime Minister.

Oh yes; by the way; the release of not all prisoners, but Anwar Ibrahim as a good will gesture.

Like I have written earlier; The March 28th Save Malaysia Rally is illusion the opposition is using to deceive Malaysian citizens.

images (3)

The rally should be called the ‘Save Anwar Ibrahim Rally’ because that is what it is really about; all the rest is just window dressing!



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