Speak Up Opposition; Tell Malaysians Your Economic Strategy

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It is an easy job to be in the opposition; just oppose everything.  So instead of just opposing for the sake of opposing; tell the citizens what you can do to fix what you see as Malaysia’s economic woes.

Please don’t say get rid of GST.  Ok… Let’s say you remove GST; how will you replace the more than RM 20 billion loss in potential revenue?

Will it just appear with the same magic that Tun Dr Mahathir said billions of 1MDB money has disappeared?

We here in Malaysia want to see the magic trick you intend to perform.  No doubt, if you can pull off such a trick in Malaysia you can help pull the world out of its economic downturn. Perhaps even making oil prices go over USD 100 again!  If you can do that, I would be impressed.

You say the world is too big! Okay, just Malaysia!  What is your plan?

Now, if you say you love Malaysia; you should not keep it a secret and wait until some unilateral wet dream of capturing Putrajaya is fulfilled before you unveil you Save Malaysia Economic Strategy.  That would not be considered an act of love, but an act of childish selfishness.

You imply through your various demonstrations, declaration and planned rally that you care about the citizens of Malaysia.

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So don’t hold back. Share your secret!

If the economic strategy you have is so much better than what the government has, then share it with them.

Why allow the people in your estimation to suffer until the election in two (2) more years (in the unlikely event you win) before you unveil your master plan.

What will you, do if you are ever in the position of leadership?

My guess, the first thing would be to just roll back the GST.  Then you might provide some subsidies and other placebos to create the illusion that your economic plan is effective just because it brings smiles to the people.

It is like a parent giving sweets to their children to make them momentarily happy.  However, what the parent does not want to think about are the dental bills caused by rotted teeth or medical bills because of juvenile diabetes.

The opposition only wants to give out sweets.  A real government knows that for a body (nation) to be healthy you sometimes have to give the people real nutrition and not just empty (promises) sweets.

Any good parent knows that True Leadership requires making the tough decisions.  It is not about trying to be popular it is about what is good for the nation!

So PKR, DAP, ANC and rest of the alphabet soup contingent; tell us your economic strategy; Malaysia is waiting!



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