One In A Million.. Tun Dr Mahathir

Okay, if all Tun Dr Mahathir wanted was a national referendum on his popularity then let’s just bring back ‘One In A Million’!

He can be the sole candidate and voting can be via sms.  After all, TDM points out Malaysia’s financial woes so why should we use government money for a national referendum.

We can even make it exciting for Tun by keeping it close until the closing of voting at 8:00pm.  This would give Tun ample time to coerce, put pressure on, call in favors, forge ‘new’ alliances and assure those in prison also have their votes counted.

AT 9:00 pm with all votes counted Tun Dr Mahathir can hold a news conference to declare;

They love me, they really do love me!

Tun, if you want is to be loved by a dog! Ok a cat because you are starting to erode the foundation of love and respect the people had and some still have for you.

Lim Kit Sian, one of the signatories of your ‘Citizens Declaration (LKS) has indicated that he would even work with the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, if it would ‘save Malaysia’.

Save Malaysia from what; people trying to undermine and topple it sovereign leader?

There is little doubt that Lim and gang see no hope in ousting the Prime Minister.  If he did, he would not say that he would be willing to work with the PM.

Think about it, who would work with someone who they see being out of a job tomorrow, next week or next month.

Of course LKS put conditions to this offer because he has to save face and saving face is very important to Chinese.

Of course after all the conditions are rejected the last request may be; let’s shake hands in front of the cameras and say we all want to work for a better Malaysia.

Not only is LKS indicating that all efforts have failed; the Malaysian Insider closing down after losing RM 10 million is further proof that their high stakes bet was not going to pay off.

Lim Kit Siang and gang see how PKR, Amanah, the sacking of both Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukriz and even Tun, could not generate a backlash from Malays to form against the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Nationally, the opposition also realized that there was neither the numbers nor the sentiment by the citizens to overthrow the elected leadership of Malaysia.

Call it calculative or even devious, but Chinese see shifting positions as being pragmatic.

Much like the pragmatic advice Kenny Rogers gives in his song “The Gambler”

You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run…

It is starting to look like the opposition is following that advice.  Even Tun Dr Mahathir’s willingness to stop speaking about 1MDB, if he loses the One In A Million popularity contest is a strong indication that it (1MDB) was never the real issue; it was a ruse and an excuse to topple the democratically elected Prime Minister of Malaysia for carry out personal agendas.

No matter how those who opposed the Prime Minister tried to dress it up; it was an attempted coup d’etat that the conspirators wanted the people to lead so that they (conspirators) could say that their hands (not hearts) are clean!

Now with Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Azizah indicating willingness to work even with the PM and The Malaysia Insider pulling up stakes what is left.

Ah yes…it is the little matter of Tun Mahathir’s One In A Million popularity contest.

Here is what we can do.

Let’s all send Tun a sms saying I Love You.  SMS cost too much?  Of post it on his blog site for him to prove to the world that he is One In A Million!



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