Journalists Gone Rogue!


The recent news (12 March 2016) of two (2) Australian journalists being arrested in Sarawak for not complying with police orders caused me wonder; why would seemingly professional journalists cross the line of protocol to reach the Prime Minister of Malaysia when the police clearly the police instructed them not to cross the security line.

One of the answers that came to mind was that both of them went rogue or came into musk like elephants at the same time.  Translated to mean they went crazy!

images (6)

Anyone who has ever watched National Geographic has seen rogue elephants becoming aggressive, killing those in their path or rampaging through an entire village.

In the case of elephants coming into musth; their testosterone levels shoot through the roof causing even the most docile circus mature male elephant to forget his training and go crazy in search of a mate or in the journalists’ case, in search of whatever caused them to come; whether illusion or delusion.

The above (rogue/musth) in some way resembles the type of crazy behavior these journalists demonstrated in trying to approach Prime Minister Najib Razak.  Only a slippage of normal mental faculties would leave one to believe they can bypass security to approach a nation’s leader with about repercussions.

Here is the second thought that came to mind:  Was it some latent form of colonial mentality which made these two (2) journalists believe that they did not have to respect the bounds of protocol as it applied to the people of color of the world.

Was it that arrogance which drove them to believe that the rules applied to others, but not to them?

Anyone who has been a journalist for more than a day would know that no leader would stop in his or her tracks and grant them an impromptu exclusive interview?  These two (2) must have just finished watching “All the President’s Men” and thought they were Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

images (7)

If the Australian journalists were not rogue or in musth (meaning crazy) or had a colonial mentality fixation, then I still wonder what caused them to totally disrespect the police’s orders.

Was it a test to see the level of the Prime Minister’s security detail?

I wonder, if they would attempt to approach the US President or Russian President or even the Israeli Prime Minister’s security detail?

With the first two, they would be lucky to just get their faces planted into the ground.  With the later they would more than likely end up under it!

But I guess there are no major stories which would cause those two Australian reporters to take such a chance so instead, their journalistic intuition prompted them to head to Sarawak!

Their cover story; they flew from Australia to Malaysia on 5 March 2016 to cover the Prime Minister’s official visit to Sarawak on 12 March 2016.

Now is it just me or do you feel that something is a little shaky with that story.  Does someone want us to believe that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation based in Sydney had no stories other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia visiting East Malaysia!

So would a visit to Indonesia warrant a plane load of reporters?

No, these two (2) reporters got caught going rogue trying to ambush Malaysia’s Prime Minister and when they were apprehended claimed journalistic privilege.

If they try that rogue maneuver in the wrong place, they may find themselves in the same predicament as elephants that go rogue.

Fortunately for them, Malaysia and Malaysians exercise a degree of tolerance, but even tolerance has it limits!

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