When Personal Agendas Masquerade As The People’s Agenda

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The overall problem I see with those who would like to see the PM removed from office is the hypocrisy.

They are like wolves dressed like sheep in order to get close to and lead the citizens whom they perceive as sheep.

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These wolves in sheep clothing stir up controversy by bringing forth an issue like 1MDB which those who are legitimately investigating have yet to make known to the general public..

Why do they do the wolves do this?  They do it to tarnish the image of the democratically elected leader of the nation.  In the wolves view; the (sheep) citizens were wrong in their selection of leadership and only they (the wolves) are capable of determining who should lead the nation.

So what do they do; these wolves unite, forming a pack and appoint themselves as the people’s (sheep’s) savior.

However, lease we forget; a wolf even wearing sheep’s clothing is still a wolf and wolves have their own agenda.

The wolf’s or in this case wolves personal agenda(s) is/are diametrically opposed to that of the sheep’s.  This pack of wolves (DAP, Tun Dr Mahathir, ANC and gang) want what they want and will use any means (fabricated evidence, lies, distortions, innuendos, etc) or people (citizens of Malaysia) to see their agenda to its fruition.

As mentioned in my and other’s earlier writings; the personal agenda of the DAP, Tun Dr Mahathir, ANC and gang, although under the tattered umbrella of the so called ‘Citizen’s Declaration’; each party present or conspicuously absent has their own personal agenda.

Their agenda may be capturing Putrajaya, having one’s son as number 1 (which kills the plan of the DAP for Putrajaya), getting a family member out of prison or any other backroom deal which will enrich or elevate the status of those who have joined the pack.

Contrary to the selfish personal agendas of the wolf pack; the people of Malaysia’s united agenda includes items like; rule of law, allowing the democratic process to take place, not being manipulated, access to food, housing, education and good healthcare as well as to live in a stable society.

Looking at the two (2) sets of agendas; which one represents the desires of the people and which one is masquerading as the people’s agenda?

Remember a wolf is a wolf no matter how you dress it up.  And the ‘Citizen’s Declaration is only their open declaration to use the citizens of Malaysia to achieve their personal agendas!


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