Tun, Lim And Anwar: Sleeping With The Enemy!


The stage is being set for this decade’s great political comedy of errors.

The previous bed sharing of Tun Dr Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang has for all means and purposes become a threesome.  Or as the French say a ménage a tros!

For those who opted out of French in university; the literal meaning is a household of three.  The more juicy meaning is….well, I will leave you to look it up.

I have no doubt that one member (Anwar Ibrahim) is fine with the arrangement.  I can imagine hearing him now;

Tun. if you get my sickly ‘butt’ out of jail, I will help your son get his (butt) in the big chair in Putrajaya.

Of course, once free all of his health issues will have vanished or better still, he will vanish and reappear overseas where he will further strategize with his backers over his next “Kanjang Move”.  That next move will include, but not be limited to breaking any promise(s) he is now making Tun Mahathir.

Mukhriz Mahathir would be wise to figuratively and literally cover his “butt’, if he wants to go far (that door is all but shut) in the high stakes game of politics.  You must understand, unlike Mukhriz, who has virtually been sleep walking toward the top (Prime Minister) post by virtue of his family name; Anwar has a lust for power and control.  That kind of lust can also cause a man to lose control.  Anwar wants to be PM even if it is for a shortened term so that his photo can hang alongside Malaysia’s other former Prime Ministers.

Anwar’s thinking is probably; it is better to serve as no. 1 for a day than to be no. 2 for a full term.  Why else would he want he want to be Menteri Besar in a constituency where he does not even live.  That is why the ‘Kajang move’ had nothing to do with serving the people.  It was to serve the insatiable lust he has…for power!

Well, I did say that this was a ménage a trios; so what about LKS; does he and the rest of the DAP honchos really want A.I released? Not a chance!

Oh, in front of the media they may say they do, but don’t let their empty words fool you.  They only say they want Anwar’s release because that is one of the ploys that they are utilizing to tackle Malay sentiment.

The DAP can get more political mileage with Anwar in prison than if he is out.  With him out, they can’t predict what he might do.  The DAP like many across the political divide know that Anwar is an opportunist who only has loyalty to himself.  Case in point; his present address!

Back to Lim; he also has his Mukhriz serving as the Menteri Besar of Penang and just like Tun; LKS wants his son to be in a larger role like co-Deputy Prime Minister.  Lim knows that having his son be co-DPM is more palatable for Malays than having him as sole Deputy Prime Minister as there would be strong resistance and backlash!  Therefore, for this stage of the DAP strategy; co-number 2 is good!

The next part of the strategy is to patiently wait for a half generation or full generation to get used to having a non bumi as co-DPM before the try to manoeuvre for the top spot.

Could they still achieve their goals with Anwar out running around doing what he likes to do and would he keep any promise(s) made to secure young Lim’s future? Perhaps, but as Anwar’s history proves, he is a cicak and they all know how a cicak changes its colours to suit its needs. The need today is a ménage a trios.

And while most ménage a trios are made up of people who like each other; the group comprising Lim, Anwar and Tun close their eyes and pretend they do.

They bring fresh meaning to the phrase ‘Sleeping with the enemy



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