The Black Widow And Wolf Spider’s Web Of Lies And Double Standards!

The web of lies and deceit that the Opposition, Tun Dr. Mahathir and gang are spinning makes for great fiction.  They are crying to the nation and to the world about 1MDB and monies supposedly lost, stolen or having vanished even before the audited report comes out.

They even claim that illegalities have been carried out while not taking note of their own complicity of receiving documents that were not to be made public at the time or in another highly publicized case; trying to purchase stolen (tampered) documents from Swiss national Xavier A. Justo who is now sitting in a Thai prison cell for stealing the documents.

If the collective gang of ANC (Anti Najib Campaigners) are so self righteous; would they not have held a press conference to say that a party or certain parties who are part of the Task Force investigating 1MDB had offered to reveal classified documents which is against the law and we as ‘law abiding’ citizens see it as our duty to report this.

The ANC could have further stated that the Swiss national (mention above) wanted to sell us stolen documents making us partakers and accomplices of his crime.  Again, we as law abiding citizens who want to set a good example for all of Malaysia, see it as our duty to not accept, receive gratis, look at, distribute or use any information that was obtained illegally and where upon we would have to travel to neighboring countries and work in a clandestine manner to receive such information further proving that the entire process has illegality written all over it.

But did the ANC gang take such a path and demonstrating how they operate only through legal means?  It is obvious that their standard of illegality is only reserved for the Prime Minister and anyone or anything which interferes with what they want.

And what this loose coalition comprising the Opposition, Tun Dr Mahathir and gang want is Power!

Power to be a King Maker (Their prodigy), Power for Money, Power to Run the country their way.

Don’t let the so called Citizens’ Declaration fool you.  Each of them has his/her own selfish motivation for wanting to mate with the other!

However, like the Black Widow and the Wolf spiders the potential is there for the one who takes part in the mating ritual to be devoured before, during or after the process!

The question is who is being set up to be the unwilling meal for the other’s veracious desires or will their entanglement of lies cause them to end up consuming each other?

The ANC gang should remember this saying;

Oh what an entangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Whatever happens, this should make for a pretty good Sci-Fiction thriller movie;


Black Window (Opposition) vs. Wolf Spider (Tun Dr  Mahathir)

Don’t Turn Your Back



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