Freedom Of Speech Is Not Tantamount To Freedom From Responsibility!

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Here in Malaysia there is Freedom of Speech, but not the Freedom from responsibility.

Here is a question..

Can you stand up in a cinema and yell ‘Fire’ just because you want to exercise your freedom of speech?

I seriously doubt that there is a society any where on our planet that would advocate such reckless behavior.

Would you allow someone who is visiting your home to start making malicious statements and false rumors to the extent that the well being of your family is at stake?  No. The chances are that you would usher the deranged person to the door and then use whatever you have within your means to block the individual from disturbing your family.

Now, that is you taking action on behalf of your family on an individual level; how much more so when the family consists of more than 30 million people.

The leader of Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak  and members of his team like Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak have to consider more than an individual would when it comes to the well being of the national family.

Here is the issue at hand.  When social media is no longer social, it has the potential of causing problems just like when that person yells fire in the cinema.

While we would like to believe that everything being sent over social media is based on facts; reality as most can attest is far from that. To the extreme; we read of cases where people who had had so many untruths spread about them over social media that they took their own lives rather than suffer than continually face the abuse.

Unfortunately, there are those opportunist who would take this relatively new media form and use it to cause friction and suspicion among the people. They throw the stone to cause a fight and hide their dirty hands. Then they come in and report on it under the umbrella of freedom of the press to further stoke the flames they themselves were instrumental in starting.

What responsible head of the household would allow this to happen to their family?  In fact, you would say such a man who allow this was irresponsible for lack of action!

A leader must sometimes make difficult decisions which are not always popular; especially not popular among those who would like to spread such discord through their false stories.

These people are masters at fabricating false information.

They plant a (lie) seed.  Then they add some bull (fake info) manure and water it (emotional indignation) to gain support from the people.

However, when the government takes action against the perpetrators they cry foul! Saying, you’re suppressing my freedom of speech by not letting me come in your home and yell Fire!

To which our leader who has his entire Malaysian family at heart replies;

Freedom of Speech is not tantamount to Freedom from Responsibility!


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