Remembering A Familiar Tun(e)

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Have you ever had a friend while growing up who always wanted to be first, be the hero or be the striker on the football team only to sulk after not getting their way?

Not succumbing to their demands  usually resulted in them not wanting to take part in the activity or even taking the ball and head home; even when it wasn’t their ball.

The spoiled sport’s action probably caused some disruption toward the planned activity the first and second time it was carried out, but the more you heard that same Tun(e) with words like

Im leaving’, ‘I quit’, ‘I’m resigning

the more familiar and inoculated you and the rest of the group became to it.

You even had the balls to carry on when that spoiled sport took his and went home leaving everyone shacking their heads thinking.  Still the same ole Tun(e)!

Having your own balls to carry on towards the bigger goal is all part of the maturation process that takes place.  This only happens when you no longer give in to the threats, bullying and tactics that were employed in days gone by.

Now, it’s a brand new day and people have become all too familiar with some of the words of that Tun(e).

Here is a lyric which should conjure up memories of the past. It goes something like this:

‘Oh baby, I destroyed the judiciary by sacking not 4, not 5, but 6!  Yes baby 6 incorruptible judges because their rulings were giving me stress.  And now the PM won’t listen to me so I’m trying my best to send him for a rest’ because baby….I want things ‘My Way’

Well, I am sure there are those who know other parts to that Tun(e)!

But in the interest of fairness we cannot deny the good that that Tun(e) has conjured up in our minds over the years when the Tun was no.1 in Malaysia. For that we say thanks!

So as I wrap up this piece, this thought comes to mind:

How much better would it have been for the nation if the role of elder statesman had been taken, instead of that of a spoiled adolescent who wants to take his ball and go home only because things are not going his way?

Interesting how writing this caused me to remember an all too familiar Tun(e)


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