The 3Ms (Mahathir, Mukhriz and Muhyiddin) Tipped Their Hand at The PKR Congress!


If the PKR national congress were a poker match, then the 3Ms effectively tipped their hand when they did not raise the placards saying “Anwar PM Ke 7” placards at the start of the congress.

And how could they raise those placards when they know full well that they have their own aspirations for the top government positions.

While Tun Mahathir may have some comfort level in having Datuk Anwar Ibrahim released from prison; that same comfort does not carry over to wanting him to be Prime Minister.

People have to remember that Tun Mahathir while making U-Turns on almost everything under the sun, he has never backed tracked on Anwar Ibrahim’s moral deficiencies.  That is one of the reasons why he did not raise the “Anwar PM Ke 7” placard.

Of course the main reason for him becoming a photographer instead of placard raiser is because he aspires for his son Mukhriz to have the position of Prime Minister.

At the very least he wants Mukhriz to become deputy Prime Minister while former deputy Prime Minster Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin does a Datuk Wan Azizah Ishmael and keeps the Prime Minister’s seat warm for Mukhriz.

On his part, Muhyiddin Yassin is looking after his own self interest; and that self interest dictated for him to not hold up the ‘Anwar PM Ke 7” placard.

As Muhyiddin knows that has already been viewed as the odd man out in several scenarios, he realized that he had better continue to dance with the same partner (Tun Mahathir) that he arrived at PKR congress with.

Therefore, Muhyiddin Yassin views being a seat warmer for one (1) year, two (2) years or five (5) as no problem on his part; he would just see it as ample compensation for what many see as his betrayal to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

So like Wan Azizah, Muhyiddin Yassin would dutifully keep the seat warm until he is told to make way for Mukhriz.

Given the above, everyone knows why Mukhriz Mahathir did not raise the placard as that would have been seen as disingenuous as when he said that did not want to become Prime Minister.


So what is Mukhriz Mahathir really saying when he says that a PM (Pakatan Harapan) candidate should be announced before the next general election?

Is he, his father Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin still hoping that the can barter a deal that would put both he and Muhyiddin Yassin as deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister or vice versa?

What would be in it for Lim Kit Siang; a get out of jail card for his son Lim Guan Eng as well as some strategic ministerial positions?

Whatever the case; if the PKR congress were a poker game the 3Ms have tipped their hand and everyone including PKR knows that their cards are not behind Anwar!




Pakatan Harapan; A Coalition of Incompetent Contractors Who Will Promise Anything to Get The Job!


When thinking of DAP-d Pakatan, one thought comes to mind; they are like incompetent contractors who will promise anything just to get the job.

Of course they do their best to make the facade look as presentably as possible, but in the end it is just that; a facade.

For some time now DAP-led Pakatan Harapan tried to give the impression that they had the wherewithal to run Malaysia’s government.  However, when one listens to them there seems to be no clear plan on their part on what to do if they were to be at the head of government.

Yes, they talk about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) saying they are against it then turn around and say they will have to maintain some form of it.



Have they finally realized that the money has to come from somewhere.

DAP-led Pakatan also talks about getting rid of highway tolls, but are mute when it comes to where the money will come from that will replace the funds that would have come from tolls.

It is very apparent that DAP-led Pakatan is only interested to taking doing things that they believe will endear them to the people; much like someone trying to buy the affection of a child.

Other than the GST and scraping the tolls, DAP-led Pakatan has nothing; and that includes competent leadership.

Datuk Wan Azizah’s Aljazeera’s interview makes many wonder how only a few months ago, DAP Pakatan Harapan was vetting Wan Azizah’s name as their choice for Prime Minister.

For the opposition to even put her name out their only proves the type of decision making that is taking place among DAP-led Pakatan’s leadership.

Of course the Pakatan opposition has also thrown out to the public former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s name knowing that his propensity for trying to sow seeds in another man’s garden removes him from any serious conversation as a potential Prime Minister.

Looking at Lim Kit Siang; he said that he does not want to be Prime Minister, but he did not say that he did not want to be deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister or both!

Honestly, even if he had come out and said that he does not covet those positions, not many would believe him.  In the same way hardly anyone believed Mukhriz when he said that he did not want to be Prime Minister.

With no other candidate at hand, DAP-led Pakatan is now playing with the idea of having Tun Mahathir as their champion.  The problem with that is, Tun Mahathir knows that managing a nation is tough enough for a younger man; how much more difficult for someone in their nineties (90’s).

It seems that at this point of his life, Tun Mahathir’s only interest is to ensure a Mahathir dynasty through Mukhriz; even if that meant working hand in hand with the likes of DAP-led Pakatan; a coalition of incompetent contractors who will promise anything just to get the job!


Wan Azizah’s Interview; A Glimpse of a Pakatan Harapan Government!

Wan Azizah Aljazeera

If there are some people who are still not sure what a DAP-led Pakatan government would look like then Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail provided just that.

Wan Azizah’s TV Aljazeera interview showed not only cracks in the thought process of this Pakatan leader, but gaping holes.  Gaping holes that even a self professed seat warmer could not cover up. (here)

It seems that when the her puppet master(s) are not pulling her strings and putting words in her mouth, Datuk Wan Azizah is a train wreak waiting to happen; she just cannot function.

The only she proved is that she will do or say whatever is needed to try and get votes.

Yes to hudud.

No to hudud

No, but sometime in the future

All the placating various audiences seems to fall in step with another part of Lim Kit Siang’s Pakatan opposition;  whatever it takes, just get their vote.

There is little doubt that Lim Kit Siang has one closed door message when he speaks to ‘his’ constituency and a totally different message for the Malay crowd.

Lim Kit Siang wants to give Malays the impression that he is a friend to the Malay and a friend to Islam.

He tried unsuccessfully to try the same thing with PAS President Datuk Hadi Abdul Awang and PAS. Lim Kit Siang wanted Hadi Awang to believe that he (Lim Kit Siang) was his and PAS’ friend along; even encouraging Mat Sabu and his turncoats (now Amanah) to go against Hadi Awang.

For Lim Kit Siang, the end obviously justifies the means which is probably why he had little difficulty in sharing his bed with Tun Mahathir.  He needed what he thought Tun Mahathir could deliver (Malay votes) in the same way Tun Mahathir needed what he thought Lim Kit Siang could deliver; Chinese votes and platform for Mukhriz.

When it comes to Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan, their one central message appears to be utter confusion; a message that was reflected to Wan Azizah’s Aljazeera interview.

Malaysians want consistency, good governance and an economy that is steadily growing even when the world economy has slowed.  If Datuk Wan Azizah’s interview demonstrates the caliber of leaders DAP-led Pakatan has to offer Malaysia!

Pakatan Harapan; The Party of Seat Warmers!

PKR president Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah has finally come out and admitted that she has no problem being a seat warmer; a position she was in denial of some four years ago (2014).

Now Wan Azizah comes out and says what everyone has already known; she is a seat warmer. (here)

When it comes to politics, this seems to be her sole function to act as a proxy until someone else can come along and do the job.  She did this in Permatang Pauh and then again during the Kajang move.

But is it fair to those she is supposed to serve?

It seems that both she and her husband are more interested in serving their own interest than the constituencies which they were elected to represent.

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim before he was incarcerated for ‘Sodomy 2’, was like kangaroo jumping from constituency to constituency.

His wife Wan Azizah was/is like an ostrich with her head stuck in a hole ‘pretending’ not to see or know what was going on around her. (here)

Anwar’s jumping here and there shows that he, like Lim Kit Siang is only after votes and it does not matter where or how those votes come about.

However for those who vote for a candidate there is the expectation that person voted for will stay and work for the people in that area; not jump at the next opportunity because the coffer is bigger (Selangor) or that it is perceived as a shorter path to Purtrajaya.

Today, one has to wonder why anyone would want Datuk Wan Azizah as a potential Prime Minister candidate when she has proven that her greatest strength is warming a seat.

She is just like former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is widely seen as a potential seat warmer for the son of Tun Mahathir; Mukhriz.

While Muhyiddin may believe that if he can become Prime Minister he can then back out of any bargain he made to step aside and make way for Mukhriz.  Nevertheless, to make this type of betrayal work, Muhyiddin Yassin would need political backing from someone like Lim Kit Siang who is rumored to not being averse to making side deals to further his own goals.

However, if Muhyiddin Yassin is not brave enough to attempt yet another political backstabbing then he will be content to warming the seat for Mukhriz until he is ordered to make way for the latter.

To round out the list (so far) of Pakatan Harapan seat warmers is their de-facto leader; Lim Kit Siang.

Again it is widely speculated that Lim Kit Siang will contest the seat in Penang as he has come to terms that his son Lim Guan Eng who is Penang’s current Menteri Besar will be going to prison.

Lim Kit Siang probably will abandon Gelang Patah to keep the seat warm in Penang while his son is keeping company with Anwar Ibrahim.

It seems that Pakatan Harapan is the political entity made up of fabricators and seat warmers; just a couple of traits they can offer Malaysians!

Sarawak Report; Doing Pakatan’s Dirty Work!


The recent news of the DAP-led opposition’s news portal (Sarawak Report) stalking Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should not come as a complete surprise.

Having failed to come up on any dirt on Prime Minister Najib Razak, the opposition’s next move is to try and find something to smear his wife (Datin Rosmah), other members of his family or those he is close to with.

The Sarawak news ‘reporter’s actions toward Datin Rosmah amounted to trying to bait her so that she would react.  This is similar to what the Paparazzi in the USA do when they try to get a celebrity to lash out after being harassed.   The reporter usually hurls out some outlandish claim ir some slanderous claim in order to elicit a reaction from their stalked target; then the reporters news portal prints it along with a salacious headline

However, a visiting head of state or their spouse should be afforded more respect than to be treated in such a manner.

The total lack of decorum that Sarawak Report’s reporters had shown toward the first lady of Malaysia is rightly termed low class.

In Raja Petra Kamarudin ‘No Holds Barred’ article, RPK eludes to Mat Salleh (White) privilege when it comes to dealing the 90 plus percent of the world who are not Mat Salleh.

It appears that the DAP-led opposition’s foreign news mouth piece believe that they have been granted some moral divine right to treat the wife (Datin Rosmah Mansor) of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Prime Minister with utter disrespect.

It almost goes without saying that the opposition would not dare use their local hirelings to do the same thing in Malaysia that had been done in the UK for fear of the impending backlash; that is why this type of action had to take place during Datin Mansor’s visit to the UK.

Now there are those who speculate that what had transpired in the UK further proves how desperate the opposition has become in their effort to damage the image of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Sarawak Report reporters have shown not only a total lack of respect toward Datin Mansor, but their actions also show the total lack of respect they have for the people of Malaysia and their symbols.

So what can we expect after this; will Sarawak report feel that it is also acceptable to stalk or slander Malaysia’s royalty when that serves their interest.

It seems that In the run up to the 14th general election, the DAP-opposition will stop at nothing in their attempt to throw dirt on the Prime Minister; even if that means using hirelings like Sarawak report to throw it!

Lim Kit Siang’s Reality; Having Tun Mahathir (Pribumi) and Amanah Equals a Zero Sum Gain!


Lim Kit Siang is quickly coming to the reality that his DAP-led Pakatan’s acquisition of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) has been a waste of time and financial resources; as the obvious idea of adding those two (2) political parties to the DAP-led Pakatan fold was to use them to attract Malays to DAP-led Pakatan.

However, not having PAS as part of the DAP-led Pakatan causes a major hiccup in Lim Kit Siang’s plan as he realized that PAS and Barisan Nasional are the strongest groups in which Malay voters gravitate.

With PAS no longer part of the Pakatan Harapan equation, Lim Kit Siang had to find a way to fill the ‘Malay’ void.

In Mat Sabu Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition found the PAS version of former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who himself had been coerced to go against the leader of his party.

Muhyiddin Yassin was probably promised a quicker route to the position of Prime Minister, if he could help unseat Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. As for Mat Sabu, he may have been promised support to be heralded as a new era Muslim leader, if he could unseat PAS President Datuk Hadi Abdul Awang.

As it turned out, both Muhyiddin Yassin and Mat Sabu failed in their assignments.  However, wanting to snatch a victory from the fires of defeat, Lim Kit Siang had still hoped that having those two (2) men working against their former parties would bode well for his DAP cause; divide and rule using Malays to screw Malays. (Read it Here!)

What Lim Kit Siang had not factored in was that neither of the two men or Tun Mahathir have enough pull to attract Malays to his DAP-led Pakatan opposition; which is still the case even after the formal joining of Tun Mahathir’s political Pribumi to DAP-led Pakatan.

Malays are realizing that Lim and his DAP-led opposition only want to use them for their votes in the same way Tun Mahathir, Zaid Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and host of others are being used to try and get the Malay vote.

More than anything, Lim Kit Siang wanted PAS; as he knows the other parties in his DAP led opposition do not have the drawing power that PAS has.  Therefore, it is safe to conjecture that Lim Kit Siang would drop Pribumi and Amanah in a heartbeat, if he could trade them for PAS.

Kit Siang also realizes that the above scenario is no longer possible as PAS President Hadi Awang says that PAS and UMNO have more common than they do with Lim’s DAP-led opposition.

But not having PAS in his fold may only be the tip of Lim Kit Siang’s troubles…

With GE14 approaching, Lim Kit Siang may have to do what Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea did not do; in Kit Siang’s case, cut ties with Tun Mahathir.  Failing to do so could have Lim Kit Siang losing it all.

That is why Lim Kit Siang realizes having Tun Mahathir and Amanah equal a zero sum gain!

Hadi Awang and The Shot That Was Heard Round The World!

Najib and Haidi

The shot that was heard round the world is a phrase from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson about the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Emerson’s words read, “Here once the embattled farmers stood / And fired the shot heard round the world.”

PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s proclamation that cooperation with Barisan Nasional was perhaps not the shot heard around the world, but certainly heard around Malaysia; news that made one of Lim Kit Siang’s nightmares a reality.  You can probably surmise the other.

It does not take much insight to see the analogy between the embattled farmers and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who had been besieged with false allegations, innuendos and lies over the past several years.

In more recent times PAS President Datuk Hadi Awang had received his share of accusations from those who not too much earlier (Lim Kit Siang’s Pakatan opposition) was trying to woe back into their fold.

However, PAS President Hadi Awang knowing how quickly Lim Kit Siang and those who make up his DAP-led Pakatan opposition have turned on PAS, realizes that they are not to be trusted.

It is much like a person putting their hand in a hole and getting bit by a snake; that same person would deem it to be wise to not put their hand back in that hole or to avoid the hole altogether.  It seems that PAS President Hadi Awang and PAS have decided to avoid the hole.

Hadi Awang says the decision to work with those who have shared interest is “Mature Politics’.  There is little doubt that Lim Kit Siang and his brooding DAP-led opposition will call something else.

The problem that Lim Kit Siang has now is that he cannot come out and criticise Hadi Awang to strongly as he still daydreams about securing Malay votes.

Lim Kit Siang will probably give the task of critiquing Hadi Awang to hirelings like Mat Sabu, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.  For Tun Mahathir part, he may wisely stay away from criticising Hadi Awang as he is already perceived by some as Lim Kit Siang’s ‘Toy boy’; to put it nicely  (here)

We can almost expect Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan opposition to fabricate some more stories with the sole purpose of trying to create a wedge between the growing cooperation between PAS and Barisan Nasional.

Because in his announcing this (PAS, BN) new cooperation, Hadi Awang has effectively fired the shot that was heard round the world! Okay, Malaysia!